An Examination of the Differences of the Atheists vs. Christian World

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If the inhabitants of the world were 100% Christian or 100% Atheists, the world would be very different indeed. The reasons behind the motivation for actions would fall on the belief structure of each of the different groups. They would have a dissimilar reason as to why they choose to do what they do. In the end, they are not similar at all. In this example, the only system that would change would be that of which group would be on this world. We will examine both the pros and cons of each world possibility in detail.

Atheistic World:

For this comparison, the average understanding of Atheism will be used.

Atheism not a belief system. There is a great need for empirical evidence that becomes their logic. This does not mean that they are not moral. They need to find a logical conclusion for every event in their existence. If they cannot, they will continue trying until one is found unless they become bored with it. Being an atheist is very diverse and they do not like to be pigeon holed into a set of norms. There is no hereafter so one must live for today as tomorrow may not come.

A world of only Atheists would be very complex. In the way that one behaves to another, they would learn what is good and bad due to the experiences they have. Laws regarding those experiences would exist only to control major negative situations like stealing or killing. They experience what feels good to them at the time and life would be based on that idea. One may conclude that life in this manner would be more stress free because there would be no reason not to experience all that life has to offer without shame.

Atheists would enjoy art, lyrics, poems, books, conversations, and food as much as they do today. Art would be everything and anything. They would enjoy conversations, reading and any new convenience that was made that they can afford.

Certain advancements in many of the sciences would flourish without the bias of moral dilemmas. On the other hand, jobs like trash collecting may pay as much as a doctor because no one will want to do it. Development of things to make life easier would be paramount.

Christian World:

For this comparison, the average Christian belief will be used.

Christianity is a belief system. They believe in a God that governs the universe and controls the events of their lives. Christians believe in God’s promise for eternal life. They have ten commandments that they must follow at all costs. In additions to that, they have a book called, “The Bible” that give them examples of how to live their lives. They believe in life after death, forgiveness for sins and that Jesus Christ conquered death so they can live that life eternal.

A world of only Christians would be very organized in their rules of conduct and would treat others the way they want to be treated themselves. Rituals like marriage, baptism and burial in consecrated ground would be very important. Their laws would be the ten commandments and would have extreme consequences for anyone breaking them. All life is important to them so the death penalty would not be an option. The people would follow more New Testament and Jesus’ teachings rather than old Testament, wrath of God. They believe that there is a consequence for everything one does and thinks and understands clearly the weight of their choices. It would be much more stressful.

Christians would enjoy the arts, family time, work and church. They would be supportive of each other’s needs and wants. There would be censorship over the naked body and anything that goes against the teaching of God. There would be a defining line between adults and children. There would not be positive stories of witches or wizards as these are taboo; but fantasy would come alive in other stories of make believe from folklore and different cultures.

The natural sciences would flourish with cures that come only from nature. People would be very conscious of the earth and would do their best to find ways to keep it safe for every living creature. They would invent devises to help them be more productive as long as it did not go against their teachings.

Life on Mars:

In understanding the differences between both Atheist and Christians, it is difficult to envision Christians going to Mars. Atheists would have developed a better understanding of the chemistry of science than do Christians. Atheist may use up many of Earth’s resources long before the Christians because of lack of rules regarding water, sewage and toxic disposal. By the time that this bio hazard would be noticed worldwide, it may be too late to corrected.

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